Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From UT to AZ and back

I opened Nat'l Geo's photo of the day and low and behold there was the familiar red rock and forest landscape of Sedona.  Mark and I took a desert road trip with our mountain bikes back in May and Sedona was one of our stops along with Moab, Preoria, The Grand Canyon and Zion.  We were even able to drive through Lake Powell where we first met maybe 6 years ago... Aaaah so romantic....  I gave you a sneak peek but never followed up on it so here goes...

We started in Moab for a few nights.  Of course we hit up the T-shirt shop and even Larry got in on the goods with a custom trucker hat.  Porcupine Rim kept us busy and caused us a trip to the bike shop for some bicycle repair and tlc.  Cuts and bruises on the legs is only a reminder that summer is here. 

Of all the times I've been to Moab I have never seen an arch.  Weird, right? So the next day we hiked through Arches National Park up to delicate arch.  Arches is a place of it's own.  Even the drive is spectacular.  The red rock formations come up out of nowhere and you feel like you are in some strange mystical western movie of another time.

After Moab we winded our way down through Flagstaff and into Sedona at night.  We were lucky to find a campsite so late and impulsively booked it for the next 2 days.  Later we came across a secret campsite 2 days too late.  Next time we will opt for the more remote location by the river - Not to mention it was $fr.ee!  Sedona was beautiful with it's diverse landscape of desert red rock and lush green forest.  It reminded me of Moab but with more life and energy... and less heat.  The town was quaint with many pink jeeps, American Indian art galleries, ice cream shops and jewelers. This was Mark's favorite place on our trip... even though the town shuts down at 9:00 pm and he missed the end of the Lakers game at the local sports bar... and even though he was a bit disappointed when Buck Thornton's World of Jerky ended up being more of a measley kiosk rather than a world. He really likes the Lakers and beef jerky.

This part makes me want to cry/laugh a little.  Why?  Because of the first photo below.  Instead of panoramic views of one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world we pulled up to a snow storm and fog...  Yep, that's right... snow. Nothing but whiteness over that ledge.  I was dressed for the sunshine and instead I was shivering.  The Grand Canyon was on the top of my list of sights to see and I was hoping to spend a couple days exploring the nooks and crannies throughout the massive crack.  Due to the horrible weather, a couple days turned into only 30 minutes.  However, as we winded our way out of the park we came to another lookout.  The snow stopped falling and the fog parted allowing us a few minutes for a photo op.  I was thrilled and I can't wait to return to experience the canyon in all it's glory.

Next on the plan was to hit up Zion and Bryce Canyon.  Turns out the cold weather followed us to Zion and the forecast for Bryce was 34 degrees with an 80% chance of snow.  We decided to stay one night in Zion, catch the shuttle up for a quick hike and then call it a day.

Despite the bad weather during the tail end of our trip, a spilled can of cheese in the car, a few tumbles on porcupine rim and the lack of showers and clean sheets we wish we could go back.  Our trip couldn't have come at a better time and I couldn't have asked for a bettah lovah to be with. To the states of Utah and AZ - Thanks for the good times.  We were rollin.

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amanda james said...

Oh my, your trip looks so dreamy and you guys are so precious. I want to copy you and go on that exact trip with cub. It looks so pretty! You best be posting a tshirt post, I want to see those goods. Did you get one of the witch flying in the wind?