Monday, May 10, 2010

Washington DC, USA

Thanks to Gabe's lifestyle of the rich and the famous we thought the DC trip fell through.  Originally we were going to stay with him and he was going to give us a tour of his hometown but his plans changed and we figured our trip was in the gutter.  Nooooooo!  Lucky for us, Danielle had recently moved to our desired destination and it had been a while since I had seen her.  She was a dream host and we were able to sleep in a bed and check out the sights.  There was so much to see for literally no cost at all.  Oh, how I love the Smithsonian Institution! Thank you, thank you.

I truly love being a tourist - referencing historic sites and taking photos left and right. I find history so fascinating when you are there in person rather than reading from pages (duh, doesn't everyone).  I wonder... Who has walked this path, touched this stone wall that has framed beautiful stories of life, love, laughter and tears?  If I could choose traveling to the past or future I would choose past hands down. 
Our timing couldn't have been better!  We were super lucky to be there during the cherry blossom and kite festival.  The mall was covered with people enjoying some sun while trying to ignore the crisp air that was lingering from winter.  It was apparent how much that city was anticipating spring and the reviving scent of fresh blooms.  It was beautiful and I hope to someday go back and spend some more time in that place.  I loved the melting pot of architecture, museums, trees... birds and bees.  One of my favorites was the Holocaust Memorial Museum.  You could spend hours in there. I think my eyes welled up more than a handful of times.  It's important to recognize the courage, strength and faith in this world but not without the evil that comes from the other end of the spectrum.

We also roamed The US National Museum of American History, The Portrait Gallery, Lincoln Memorial, The Capital, The White House, dinner in Georgetown, paddle boats at the Tidal Basin, Arlington Cemetery, Alexandria Old Town and The George Washington National Memorial Masonic Temple.  We squeezed that place like a fatty ripe orange and the juice was well worth it.  DC makes me want to take a road trip all throughout the U.S. We are blessed to live in such a diverse and beautiful country.  There's my little shout out to the US of A.

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