Thursday, May 13, 2010

For the birthday boy!

I set up this net last night... in the cold... in the dark... all by myself
(it's a lot harder than it sounds)
so he would be surprised in the morning.  
I was such a struggler but alas... I did it!
The birthday boy is a huge tennis player so he's only natural on the badminton course.  And thanks to him we were the badminton camp champs up in Idaho last summer from a total of 6 couples!  I cannot wait for Cubby to read this.  He thinks I am a bad winner because I celebrate too much
i.e. yosemite catchphrase. Oopsy.
But this is my blog and I can toot my horn if I want to.  

I could rant and rave about this boy of mine but I'll spare you all the sappy details.
Let me tell you one thing... This guy is super dope and I love him to pieces.
Happy Birthday Mister Dos Nombres!

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