Saturday, May 15, 2010

ABC Home - Thank You and I'm (kind of) Sorry

Have you been to ABC Home?  Well you should. You will die.  It's beautiful, enchanting and charming with individual vendors in every corner expressing their style through their quality art and creativity.  It's simply elegant.  As I was browsing all their incredible merchandise I picked up this adorable little notebook and somehow forgot about it until about 30 minutes later to find it cupped in my palm with no receipt to justify.   Oopsy!  I've been wanting to do something illegal for days (ya  know, live on the edge a little) and this had cured my appetite.  Shoplifting!... Perfect! Don't get me wrong... I would never intentionally commit this crime but it was too late to turn around (we were much too far on our way, right Leslie?).  So inside I smiled, shrugged my shoulders and welcomed a little wooden owl pocket book to my (measley) collection of souvenirs from New York.  I know I shouldn't have celebrated over such a silly and immature act but that's the excitement I was looking for.   Sometimes we need to play and be different from the expectations we are given.  Sometimes we need to spice it up a bit.

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Megan Thompson said...

oh my, u r so lucky. I have been wanting to go there for years. Glad the report lived up to my expectations. Ur blog is adorable!! loving it so much.
xx, Megan