Friday, March 19, 2010


Try not spending money on food when you are in NYC.  It's practically torture when you are constantly at eye level with some of the most scrumptious finds in all of America.  Don't worry... I'm not completely depriving myself of the goods.  Lucky for us we have hooked up with some of our local friendies and they have not disappointed.  But when we aren't eating out I'm whipping up a PB & J and some other snacks from the local grocery store to hold me over.  Lucky for me I don't drink alcohol.  It's like a whole hearty meal for one measley shot or two.  No thanks.

mac & cheese from the grey dog

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Chanda said...

Yes mac and cheese is yummy - however not as good and curry with extra veggies.... I miss you, no one will go to that thai place with me. =(