Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guest Post

[I asked one of my favorite human beings in the whole entire world to write a post on my blog for the fun if it.  I know it seems a little self promoting but it makes me feel fuzzy and good inside. Sooooo... I'm leaving it.  He is the greatest.  Although the truth was stretched significantly I appreciate the words and am thankful to have such a good friend]

to whom it may concern: i love love love aly passmore and even tho she is very sad about a boy right now, well, let's just say that all of the other boys in the world, like over a billion, are very very very happy cuz now one of the hottest babes in the entire universe is, temporarily at least, back on the market... so boys of the universe, we really need to enjoy it!!!!

also, while i am thinking about aly-- i really wish that from time to time she would wear her hair BEHIND her sexy little ears... but she won't. hopefully that will change in 2010.  jj

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Kindsay and Erik said...

Dear Aly's most favorite human being in the whole world. I like you for making my Aly feel fuzzy and good inside. I think all of these things about Aly too! Watch out boys cause here she comes!!!! I love Aly and all the wonderful things about her!!! She makes life happy and fun! And is so good at making you feel good about yourself. She's a true friend! And is one HOT girly with so much to offer. Tell her that I love her! And miss her.