Tuesday, February 9, 2010

my kindsay bree

Happy Birthday Kinz!

It was so fun catching up with you today. After we got off the phone I was looking at all these crazy old pictures I have with you and decided to post them so we could reminisce. Some are cute, some are just plain... awesome. And I figured it would only be appropriate to throw Kass in a few. I can't wait for her birthday to roll around - I found some uh-mazing pics of that girl from back in the day (watch out Kass).

Remember the days when we were inseparable? I miss those. I love you so much. Have fun smacking around that pinata of yours.

Our first spontaneous Bridal Vail restaurant hike with the Grants:
Dinking around outside the yellow house:
Skateboarding the water park.  Check out our awesome tough guy faces:
Cute Kindsay:
One of your birthday cards from Kass and me:
80's party in provo (I think this was the night Andrew Garlock told Kassey she gave him mono or something):
Up in the Mathis Cabin Loft:
Dancing in San Diego:
Ummm..... I just really like this "Puc" ture:
Padre Game:
Death Cab Concert in San Diego:
I think this was Bonnie's Birthday at Happy Sumo:

P.S. I thought it was weird that I had no pics of us snowboarding together.  I'm sort of upset about it...


Kassey said...

yep you've brought me to tears.. I miss my two most specialist BFF's ever sooo much!! why do we live states apart. I honestly think it would make us all happier if we didn't.

Kindsay and Erik said...

I LOVE this post!!!! It makes me so happy and helps me remember all of the funny and silly times we had together. I am so lucky to have you girls in my life. I think we should all move to the same state in the same city and live on the very same street and drink lemonade together everyday.