Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Abandoned Restaurant (round 2)

This video has been in my archive for over a year.  Since July 4, 2008.

This hike was, well, uh, interesting.  After a couple near death experiences, poisonous plants and losing the trail we finally made it to the abandoned restaurant and back. This video was in the beginning before the majority jumped ship but the 6 of us survived.  I loved this hike but if you were to ask nichelle she might have a different story.  Let's just say she had a nasty run-in with one mean boulder.

Every time i watch this Lezlie makes me laugh.  She is the greatest.

We found out the restaurant burned down a couple weeks after our visit. So in case you want to know what it looked like before the scrappers lit the match, here you go:

Bye bye abandoned restaurant.  tear drop.

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