Saturday, December 12, 2009

x-country skiing

i have a hard time getting motivated to head out into the cold during these winter months but when i do it's always worth it. i started out by saying i was over it.  the weather was cold. the snow was falling. regardless, we loaded up the car and headed up the canyon toward sundance and beyond.  we came to the end of the road and started truckin.

aaahh... fresh, clean, winter air surrounded by nothing but nature and friends.  and truly, we have the best of both. i'm pretty sure the highlight of the day was after amanda put kenya's booties on so her little toesies wouldn't get cold.  she was trippin. kinda like a prancing horse on crack.

Afterwards, me and the mister scarfed the tastiest yellow curry thai.  today was a good day.
we didn't have a camera today but it looked a lot like this.  
photo courtesy of google.

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