Friday, November 27, 2009

clubbin, carrot top, smurfs, peter pan and bratwursts

first on the list was the omniture halloween party with Mark, Jillian, Merrily and Kyle. That place goes all out and i enjoy it as much as the kids. jillian was a little timid at times but she managed to make it through all the corridors and departments in that place.
dancing in las vegas
swinging through neverlandthe parentalssmurf landHalloween night we spent with the "pets" - amanda and cubby that is. no parties for us this year. just quality friends with a not so quality scary movie (the thing). we huddled around the fire pit for some old fashioned fire food. prob the first time in a long, long while i stayed up past 3 am. i should get a prize.
happy halloween.

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