Monday, May 18, 2009

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The Taurus-Libra family is meant to be a very harmonious one from the start. They both rely very much on family values and support and will form very strong family bonds. This family will value culture and art more than any material possessions.

Because the two signs share so many similarities, they will have no problem understanding each other and providing on e another with all support they may need. Although this may not strik

e the casual observer as the model family, it is founded on strong pillars of mutual support and common decisions.

They may not always share a common perspective on all things they will have to give each other the possibility to express themselves. Their family life will be happy and fulfilling with them adding to each other’s life. Sharing activities in the community and appreciation for similar things is what makes this family so strong and united.

When a Taurus and a Libra join forces in a work partnership, they complete each other and one covers for the other’s flaws. The practical nature of the Taurus complements the quick mind of the Libra. Because both signs are influenced by the planet Venus, they can both be lazy or even

 arrogant. Another problem they may have in this partnership is when the Taurus is excessively possessive or the Libra more preoccupied with the social dynamic of their work

 The union may take off slowly but, in time, their common taste for refinement, art and culture will bring them together and lead them to discover that they have more things in common than anyone would have believed at first.

In love, a Libra-Taurus relationship may be a successful one, but not without it’s difficult times. They are attracted to each other by their fundamentally opposite characters and by a shared passion for refinement in general. The conflicts that may arise from the more stubborn and possessive Taurus are quickly handled by the Libra with their characteristic diplomacy.

Once they learn to get past the differences between them, the relationship will be one of mutual appreciation and provide them with the security they need.

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