Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the princess of pop

(pre show)
...is here in salt lake. tonight. and i will be dancing to all her crack head songs! hit me baby!!!

(post show)

hilary and i met at biaggi's, had a nice dinner and then off to the the show.

the set, acrobats, dancers and the entire production was nothing short of amazing and i wish i would have spent a few more pretty pennies to see the show closer up. as you can see from the set list below she even sang her first single "hit me baby one more time". of course i sang along like a crazy 12 year old (but i wasn't nearly as crazy as the two gay guys sitting in front of us. i think this was their dream come true). miss brit's dancing wasn't her best and she lip-synched the entire time but give me a break... if she sang live it would have been a disaster. some of her costumes were dreamy while others were far from but all in all the show was phenomenal and now i'm completely crushing on this blonde comeback crackhead. i'll tell you what, that lady has mad sex appeal! she has come a long way from pig tales, a bald noggin and the freakshow.

here are some pics:

on our way home it took us an entire hour to get out of the gateway parking lot. thanks for the chats hil. it was quality time well spent and much needed.

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