Monday, April 27, 2009

no boys, hell ya!

we started out with two tents and ended up with 2 beds. Getting a hotel saved our cold toesies and was the best decision of our moab girls trip thanks to mama rosquist. Amanda introduced us to the biggest gem in town: the moab t-shirt shop.
Don't ever go down to moab without a few plain t's or you'll be sorry. there are hundreds of unique/nasty/awesome prints to choose from and one won't be enough. Teri took us to gem number 2: the indian trading company. I was such a good girl (which is no fun at all) and didn't buy anything. the dream catcher necklaces and mocassins were torchering my poor wannabe hippie's heart.
it's probably not a good idea to mountain bike babysteps into a rain storm or boulder big bend without a crash pad but the moab killaz survived (all credit to the trip's success goes to jess) and we returned with only a few battle wounds. ouwchie. So ya... thanks to jessica, amanda, chelsea, jamie and teri it was the best all girls moab trip in the whole entire world!

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