Sunday, April 12, 2009

our eggy day

This Easter turned into a very nice day. Why?...

- sunshine
- easter egg pancakes
- the prestige was on t.v.
- church in provo with some faves: larry, jamie, teri, hilary, jeremy and jeff
- easter basket hunt with larry (i found mine first! haha)
- an itunes gift card :) those are the best!
- hard boiled eggs which we didn't get around to dyeing :( but regardless, hard boiled eggs
- meat fondue (silly sauce expirations didn't stop us)
- homemade chicken pasta salad
- a bundled up movie night with haribo's and popcorn - australia (loved it)
(we also watched the black book the night before which was also very good)
this pic i found and just had to post in honor of two of my favorite pretty peaches:

one on the west and one on the east. miss you both and our *hello kitty trip to oahu. laying on the beach sounds enticing right now minus the crammpy bagel in my tummy.

Happy Easter!!

*my strong dislike for hello kitty has transformed into a sentimental obsession. Thanks leslie and lindsay!

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