Sunday, April 5, 2009

bettah, bettah, be-ttah...

(so i guess i'm on a beatles theme)
there was something better about this weekend than the rest. could be a few reasons:
-yummy feast at the bombay house
-played speed charades
-laughed until my cheeks hurt at matt mattsen during the envelope game
-rummaged through some thrift stores downtown slc
-hung out with the the matt rat while dad and karey were out of town
-caught up on the 2 latest episodes of lost with my laawwy
-listened to pres monson at conference in my pj's
-beat matt and mark in a game of rummikub... suckers!!
-made a dog look pretty (well, better than before)
-might have fallen a little more
-rented this great movie

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