Thursday, March 19, 2009

v : i : v : a

fun highlights from my trip to vegas:
* the view of the vegas city from the balcony of the palms
* a one-piece suit i found at H&M
* warm weather sun bathing
* some am app cord shorts
* yummy firefly finger foods
* girls at the pool in stiletto platforms
* circus acrobats hanging from the rain ceiling
* yummy baja fresh
* our super dope suite at the luxor
* meeting up with travis, teri, lezlie, krista, aaron and cubby
* a ripped up goodbye love letter from glade
not-so-fun highlights from my trip to vegas:
* smoke
* trying to get the key to our room on 1st night
* freezing a/c
* dizzy luxor elevator
* awkward movie: two lovers
* clubbing scene = obnoxious
* the dresser uppers (could be in the category above)

I had a good time with the laawwy :)

...but now he is down there... AGAIN. without me. boo. :(

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