Monday, January 26, 2009

Sundancin' Film Festin' 2009

I only saw 2 films this year...

1. Taking Chance (*****):
Whether you are pro or anti war you must see this beautiful film. This movie really had the whole theatre in tears. Then at the end with only time for one final question a woman stood up and spoke through her tears that she also had lost her son to the war only a couple years ago and she appreciated this film for the comfort it gave her. you will all love this film but don't forget to bring a tissue... or two.

2. Bronson(**):
Check out the life of Charles Bronson: Britain's most dangerous inmate. This guy will show you how to seriously jack up your life and check into the loony bin. Caution: Not reccommended for viewers weak from the site of weiners.

In honor of Sundance I sat back on the couch to OLDBOY courtesy of Sundance OnDemandI have one thing to say... This movie is jacked up. Go see it.

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