Thursday, September 18, 2008

The times they are a changin'

Aaahh the fall and all it's many changing colors. Lots and lots of changes. Everything seems to change in the Fall...

First and foremost, we're moving... AGAIN! So long sweaty bayou, Hello Home! We're saying sianara to our ghetto fab pad and all of the headaches that came with it. We are movin on up into the land of luxury and air conditioning (yep, that's right folks... if you came to our house this summer you know exactly what i'm talkin about). The only regret is not bringing Lezlie and Nichelle with us. We will miss you but we have a couple of couches with your names written all over them!

The boy sitch is quite crazy in our household. From long distance relationships and engagement ring shopping to breaking up and the single life we keep things pretty umm.. i'll just say interesting. All that matters is that we're having fun. Who will be the next to get hitched? Here's my prediction:

1. Nichelle and the missionary

2. Carly and the indian cowboy

3. Amber and the on and off... and then on again

4. Jamie and the ski bunny

5. Lezlie and the "first love"???

6. Teri and the "good love"???

7. Aly and the "who freakin' knows"??? Ya i'm just going to put myself last ;)

New job?... Not yet but I'm still looking. Until then, I have some new business endeavor gears churning in my head. I'll keep you posted when my dream turns into a reality. And believe me, it will!And did I mention I have a new family?! Well, my dad got married and is now living in Salt Lake with the "new fam." My mom decided to move up to Utah as well so Matt's up here too. It's official, there's no escapin' them now!

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