Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh Mickey you're so fine!!!

Here's an email from my Aunt after taking Jillian to Disneyland for her first time ever. A very monumental point in her life indeed. Monumental enough to blog about it even though I wasn't even there. Bummer.

Oh Aly, she had so much fun. She is so animated. She danced while we walked down
main street and cried when the Dumbo ride was done. She went on it 5 more
I got her a stuffed dumbo as a present. And what a trouper. Long day,
hot, no
naps and no meltdowns.
Wasn't interested in Mickey or the other
They scared her.
So, so cute.

Wish you had been here.

ya back.

Aunt L
And here are some pics...

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