Friday, August 8, 2008

Lovin My Reds and Roes

So redheads run in the family (hence the lil sis) and it was fate that found me one of my my best friends back when I was only two. Now they are all grown up and have munchkins of their own. It was quite exciting having both my ginger snaps visit me in Salt Lake in the same weekend. We made a night of it at the Porcupine Grill and it was a night I will never forget... a night of hugs and high chairs! I love the boths of yous and your little ladies too!

I'm obsessed with Jillian!

I think I have the cutest niece alive (yes, I understand I may be a little bias)!

She is so fun to drag around because everyone assumes she's mine with our brown eyes and blonde hair. I respond, "Are you kidding? ya right, I'm not ready for a baby!" Then I think, "How on earth does Merrily have a baby? She's always been my baby sister. I mean, c'mon... I'm 5 years older!" But on a serious note, she is an amazing mother. I never doubted she would be a good mom but I had no idea how much I would learn from her example. Our lives are quite different - me, being single even at age 25 - her, getting married at 18 and now having a two year old! She has "play dates" and "stroller walks" with my old high school and college friends back in California (I guess those are the things to do nowadays) while I enjoy the playing myself up in Utah. When will I ever grow up?... Me, a mom? Sounds fun but I can't imagine it any time soon.

Then there's Athena...
I get quite a kick out of this little one. She is beautiful. If you ever saw Tawny as a baby you would see how they are exact clones. The first time I was able to see Athena was when the Sterios Family stopped in Park City on their trek home from their EuroVan excursion throughout the U.S. She is already quite the vegabond. I saw Athena on Main Street and was excitedly overwhelmed by her radiating head. Yep, she sure is a redhead! All I could see in my mind was Tawny when she was my childhood pal, running around Las Ondas, playing on the swing and picking blackberries and plums with her raggedy ann reds on top of her head. Athena couldn't have been more perfect!

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